About Us

The Medusa Concept

Jellyfish – a unique representative of the marine fauna – has become the main symbol and gave the name to the luxury beauty center «Medusa». The status of the center is specifically emphasized by it’s location in the most prestigious historical area of London – Knightsbridge.

The incredible jellyfish and it’s most famous qualities formed the basis of the philosophy of the beauty center «Medusa». We offer our clients a full range of services, thanks to which not only your body, but also your soul will always be beautiful and charming, individual and fresh!

Like every woman, jellyfish is an exciting mystery. The variety of species of jellyfish excites the imagination. And each of them, like a woman, is individual and peculiar. Nowadays we know about 3,000 species of jellyfish, but many of them have not yet been studied. However, women’s secrets and riddles cannot be solved by anyone, since every secret is incomprehensible, and the riddle is exciting and can not be solved.

The Medusa Center is exceptional because all the services and procedures are provided at one location, which saves you a lot of time that you can and should devote to become even more beautiful and desirable. 
You can combine all procedures with shopping in the beauty center «Medusa». Here you can buy original paintings that will perfectly decorate your interior and unique Solidis brand jewelry, distinguished by elegance and femininity.