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Hair is the business card of a woman and one of her main charms. The Medusa beauty center offers its clients different types of hair care products that will make them beautiful, shiny and healthy

Hair Styling

Hair styling – is the final stage of the hairdresser’s work with the client and a kind of exclamation mark in her image. The «Medusa» team will make your look perfect.


Olaplex is a revolutionary hair care and protection system with innovative technology and unrivaled results. This system prevents hair damage before, during and after dyeing, hair straightening and perm. It can be combined with any type of dyes, tinting, highlighting, straightening, etc

Hydra Facial

Intense anti-aging treatment. Helps to reduce cellulite, sudden skin, reduce inflammation, pigmentation. Advanced treatment for ladies going through and after menopause, after pregnancy and teenagers suffering from acne.

Home hair care

Medusa uses Russian recipes, which include exclusively environmentally friendly ingredients, without any chemical additives. Homemade masks and creams will give your hair not only shine and radiance, but also health.

Happiness for hair

This is an effective complex of procedures for the treatment and restoration of hair, which is a kind of SPA hair care. That will bring back their strength.

Kevin Murphy

This brand was founded by cult Australian stylist Kevin Murphy, who often works with world stars. He developed tools with a weightless texture and effective formula. The motto of the brand “Skincare for your hair” best reveals it’s philosophy and concept.


A regular haircut will not only save you from brittle, split ends, but also help you always look stylish and fashionable.

Braids of all kinds

Medusa offers weaving braids of any complexity, regardless of hairstyle, hair coloring and haircuts. Braided hair is a great hairstyle for all occasions. Braids are always in trend, they can be worn for work, study, etc.

Hair extension

Hair extension is one of the simplest and most effective ways to radically change your image. In a few hours you can turn from a modest girl with a short haircut into a bright long-haired beauty.

Botox hair

Botox hair is a therapeutic procedure aimed at improving the structure of the hair shaft, strengthening and reducing brittleness and acquiring curls of extraordinary smoothness. After this procedure, the hair becomes stronger and denser

Hair nanoplasty

Hair nanoplasty is one of the types of keratin hair restoration. This innovative procedure is aimed at straightening dry, curly and unruly strands. It makes your hair heavy, full and well-groomed.

Hair treatment

Hair treatment Sebastian Professional – maximum hydration and strength, restoration of the structure of dry, overloaded with “chemistry” hair, their shine and elasticity. With Sebastian Professional, the result is always brilliant.

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